Equine America Bleader Gard – 908g



Bleader Gard Powder (908gm) – Essential Support to the Lungs and Blood Vessels Bleader guard may improve performance by supporting the lungs and blood vessels for the optimal capacity required capacity required for strenuous work, whether in short bursts or over longer periods of time.

Why Should You Feed Bleeder Gard?

* To protect the vital respiratory and circulatory systems during hard, fast work.
* Feed to all horses or ponies in high levels of training.
* To those with, or at risk of EIPH – ‘bleeding’.

How Does It Work?

The Arnica Montana and Cinchona Officinalis in Bleeder Gard reduce pressure on the circulatory system and support the delicate respiratory tissues to lower the risk of EIPH ‘bleeding’.

Supplied Size: 908gm (a two month supply at maintenance)


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