Biotinmax 350g



Biotinmax or Biotin max is a supplement for dogs whose hair requires comprehensive regeneration

  •     for show dogs of medium and large breeds
  •     acceleration of hair growth
  •     improvement of pigmentation

A natural supplement dedicated to improving the condition of fur and skin. The optimal concentration of active ingredients quickly and effectively stimulates the building functions and regenerates the skin and hair matrix. Effectively revealing the depth of color.

It is an essential supplement to the diet in case of excessive hair loss and its general poor condition. It has a beneficial effect on increasing the rate of hair regrowth. Regular supplementation will make the coat shiny, thick, strong, more durable and will also achieve a clearer color and shine.

It contains biotin, zinc and copper in the form of chelate, which increases the absorption of the active substance and improves its better use by the body.

Do not combine with ShowMax!

The optimal duration of use is 5 – 6 weeks

Biotin Max – natural supplements for dogs – indication for use:

  •     participation in exhibitions
  •     hair loss
  •     dull and brittle coat
  •     dry skin

USE /24h:
1 measuring spoon / 10 kg of dog’s body weight

Mix the product with food. The package includes a measuring cup that contains approximately 1.5 g of the product.

It is recommended not to combine Biotin Max with other products containing biotin.


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