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Stelfonta (tigilanol tiglate injection) is indicated for use in dogs for the treatment of non-metastatic cutaneous mast cell tumors and non-metastatic subcutaneous mast cell tumors located at or distal to the elbow or the hock.
STELFONTA removes 75% of MCTs with a single treatment

STELFONTA is a new intratumoral treatment for dogs registered for the treatment of cutaneous mast cell tumours (MCT) anywhere on the body and subcutaneous MCTs located at or distal to the elbow or the hock.

STELFONTA is a simple treatment that provides a high tumour elimination rate, rapid healing, and a speedy return to normal activity for the dog. Stelfonta contains tigilanol tiglate, which works locally by stimulating the immune system, resulting in destruction of the tumour and the tumour’s blood supply, followed by rapid healing of the site with minimal scarring.

STELFONTA starts to work within hours with tumours typically destroyed by day seven. A single treatment destroys the mast cell tumour completely in 75% of observed cases and 87% of tumours with up to two treatments. Complete healing of the resulting wound following tumour destruction by STELFONTA is typically within 6 weeks.

MCTs are the most common form of skin cancer in dogs, accounting for up to 21% of skin cancer cases and until now, surgical removal of the tumour has been standard. However, surgery can pose challenges, such as accessibility of the tumour making it difficult or impossible to obtain sufficient margins that can lead to amputation to fully remove the tumour as well as anaesthetic risks, especially in senior or brachycephalic pets. Many dog owners are also keen to avoid surgery or anaesthesia for their dogs.

Tigilanol tiglate is a biologically active pharmaceutical compound extracted from the seed of the native Australian blushwood (Fontainea picrosperma) tree found in the North Queensland rainforest. Tigilanol tiglate was discovered and developed in Australia and has been extensively researched over many years.


Type: Cancer
Manufacturer: Virbac
Pack Size: 2ml Vial
Drug Name: Toceranib phosphate
Strength: 1mg/ml
Claim: treatment for non-metastatic Mast Cell Tumors
Prescription medicine: This is a prescription medicine. Please ensure that you have read the “How to Order” page before ordering this item. Australian legislation prohibits the advertisement of prescription drugs to consumers, therefore we are unable to display any images of the packaging or provide you with more information regarding this prescription medicine.


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