Horse Respiratory Supplements

Managing the health and function of your horse’s respiratory system is a top priority when promoting total equine well-being. During intense periods of physical exertion your horse might experience a degree of breathing difficulty, just as a horse that is stressed, often through travel or stabling, is likely to suffer respiratory limitation. VioVet stocks a broad range of products targeted at the management of respiratory function in horses, including a variety of syrups, sprays and formulated solutions to supplement feed, combining carefully selected plant extracts, vitamins, minerals and trace elements to enhance the respiratory mucosal immune system.

12 respiratory supplements to help support your horse's airways - Your Horse

Respiratory Supplements To Help Support Your Horse’s Airways

– Equine America Airways Xtra Strength Powder for Horses
– NAF Five Star Respirator for Horses
– Gold Label Garlic Supplement for Horses
– NAF Garlic Powder & Granules for Horses
– Audevard Balsamic Control for Horses
– Global Herbs Airway Plus for Horses
– Audevard Balsamic Air
– Equine America Ventilator for Horses
– Global Herbs PolleneX for Horses
– Equimins Garlic Powder for Horses
– Science Supplements RespirAid for Horses
– NAF Easy Breathing for Horses
– Mars Winergy Ventil-ate for Horses
– Equimins Garlic Granules for Horses
– Equine America Coff-Less Powder for Horses
– Equistro Secreta Pro Max for Horses

Audevard Balsamic

Horse Behaviour And Calming Supplements

Promoting a calm and content equine temperament will not only benefit the well-being of your horse but will promote *your* contentment, reassuring you in the knowledge that your horse is relaxed and subsequently happier. Whilst some horses are naturally more predisposed to suffer restlessness and agitation, others exhibit such behaviours as a result of situational factors that cannot necessarily be controlled. However, the thoughtful administration of dietary supplements can benefit your horse’s mentality and reduce symptoms of stress and ill-health. The VioVet range of products includes non-drowsy tablet and liquid formulations to supplement regular feed, treatments for stable bedding and therapeutic ointments for massaging and de-stressing your horse.

Gut Balancer - Equine Premium

Protexin Gut Balancer (Bio-Premium) for Horses
NAF Five Star Oestress Calming Supplement for Horses
NAF Five Star Magic for Horses
TopSpec Calmers for Horses
Global Herbs RigCalm for Horses
Dodson & Horrell Placid for Horses

Confidence EQ Sachets for Horses | VioVet | Free delivery available

Confidence EQ for Horses
Horse First Relax Me Calmer
Equine America So Kalm for Horses
Science Supplements ProKalm for Horses
Equine America Magnitude Horse Calmer
Omega Equine Brewers Yeast

Aintree Probiotic | Lillidale Animal Health

Health Benefits
Behaviour & Calming
Breeding, Pregnancy & Nursing
Conditioning & Recovery

Calming / Behaviour Purpose
Behaviour Correction
Calming & Stress
Energy Boosting
Mental Alertness


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Race Horse And Camel Supplements

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Equine Horse Camel Supplements

We offer a broad range of horse supplements, making it easier for you to find the combination that suits the unique needs of your horse. Because your horse’s body faces different demands and challenges throughout the year, you may consider altering some of the horse supplements that you feed, to compensate for changes in exercise, your show/trail schedule and the climate. Whether you are correcting a nutritional imbalance with multi-vitamins, maintaining joint health, or bringing calm and focus to your ride, we strive to find the most effective horse supplements for you.

Horse Anti-inflammatory

Fluvet 50ml
Green Speed Injection
Ozone Injection 100ml
Pre-Race Explosion Injection
Race Horse Injection
Synedem 25ml
Cortamethasone 50ml
Dexacortyl 100ml
Dexaphenylarthrite 100ml
Dexarace Plus 20ml
Diurizone 50ml
EGh – Equine Growth Hormone

Camel Anti-inflammatory

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