X-I-Flam 50ml

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X-I-Flam is a powerful anti-inflammatory injectable solution for horses and camels inhibits initiation of the inflammatory cascade modifying the NACHT, LRR, and PYD domains-containing protein 3 (NLRP3) inflammasome-mediated microvascular autoinflammation.

Electroacupuncture was used to treat lameness in horses and ponies with chronic laminitis (n = 10) or navicular disease (n = 10). A clinical trial was conducted with random allocation of equal numbers of animals to control and treatment groups. Acupuncture was performed three times per week for four consecutive weeks. The degree of lameness was assessed by

1) a grading scheme,
2) measurement of stride lengths and
3) analysis of weight distribution using a force plate.

Although seven out of ten animals with chronic laminitis improved clinically during the trial, there were no statistically significant differences between treatment and control groups. Six out of ten horses with navicular disease improved, but there were no significant differences between treatment and control groups.

InflammX subsequently identified Xiflam as a potent inhibitor of the pathological Cx43 hemichannel. InflammX has licensed the IND enabling preclinical toxicology, pharmacology, carcinogenicity and CMC data.

ACtive Constituents:

Resveratrol 40mg/ml
Quercentin 85mg/ml

3 reviews for X-I-Flam 50ml

  1. Ahmadinejad Aman

    فان قمت بإرسالها هذه المرة إلى صديقي في الكويت. سيحتاج 40 زجاجة

  2. Martine Ellios

    quand aurez-vous à nouveau des stocks

  3. Jeff

    This has gone expensive by the day , will need some by next month

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