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Estrumate For Cattle breeding

Estrumate for Cattle breeding allows for a more convenient and efficient AI (artificial insemination) program to control both breeding and calving intervals, as well as scheduling the entry of heifers into the milking herd by shortening cycle times through enhanced luteolysis to better fit certain management practices.

ESTRUMATE (cloprostenol injection) is a leading prostaglandin and improves reproductive performance in dairy and beef cattle.

Utilizing Estrumate injections provides:

  1. Heat detection and controlled breeding convenience.
  2. Reproductive performance improvement.
  3. Reliable estrus onset.
  4. Available in both 10 and 50 dose bottles.
  5. Days to first breeding reduced to 8.
  6. Ability to terminate/correct mismatings.
  7. Treatment of prolonged luteal function conditions.

Even though heifer rearing costs are the second largest expense on most dairies, you can expedite breeding and save on feed costs because first-calf heifers can join the milking string and start generating income sooner by using Estrumate.

If you’re looking to reduce rearing costs and make heifers profitable quicker, Estrumate for beef and dairy cattle breeding is the product of choice.

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