Caninsulin 10ml




Caninsulin 40iu/ml for the treatment of insulin deficiency (diabetes) in dogs and cats


Caninsulin treats insulin deficiency (diabetes mellitus) in dogs and cats. The active ingredient is porcine insulin, a naturally occurring hormone produced in the pancreas.

Diabetes Mellitus is a common endocrine disease caused by a deficiency of insulin. As a result of this deficiency, glucose cannot be transported from the bloodstream into the cells.

The treatment will be divided into ‘stabilization’ and ‘maintenance’. First, the correct dose must be determined, and a suitable routine must be finalized for both the pet and the owner (stabilization). Then, the pet is monitored regularly, and if diabetes evolves, the medication can be changed accordingly (maintenance).

Caninsulin is to be given via injection and administered with Caninsulin®0.5ml or 1ml syringes (these can also be purchased on our website).




Caninsulin (40iu/ml) is available in the following size:

  • 10ml Bottle


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