Ornipural Solution 100ml



Ornipural Solution is an injectable solution used for stimulation of the hepatodigestive activity in digestive disorders and kidney failure in horses, camels and other domestic animals


Ornipural solution contains: betaïne 15 mg, Arginine (hydrochloride) 33.3 mg, Ornithine (hydrochloride) 11.8 mg, Citrulline 10 mg, Sorbitol (E420) 200 mg, Metacresol 3 mg.

Dosage And Administration

Ornipural solution should be intramuscular, subcutaneous or slow intravenous administered. The recommended dose is:
– 50 to 100 ml for horses and adult cattle
– 1 ml per 5 to 10 kg b.w. for foals and calves
– 10 to 15 ml for pigs and adult sheep
– 3 to 5 ml for piglets and lambs
– 2 to 5 ml for dogs and cats, according to size.


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