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URN8 causes a transient dieresis (excessive urine production). When administered before exercise, diuresis results in a reduction in blood volume which may help reduce the incidence of exercise induced pulmonary haemhorrage (EIPH).

To those who love natural herbal mixtures, you can find here a natural diuretic, made from a blend of herbs. It has no anti-inflammatory drugs (dexamethasone) and it is not tested.

How to use URN8 100 ml

  • Small camels: 5 ml before the last exercise in the vein and given 5 ml before the race by 24 hours.
  • Camels medium: (10 ml before the palace) and 5 ml before the race with 24 hours in the vein.
  • Large camels (lactation and trunk): 15 ml before the palace .. 10 ml before the race is given 24 hours in the vein.


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