Diglicina 100ml



Diglicina or Diglycine is a supplement that improves oxygen utilization and reduces the formation of lactic acid in horses during physical activity, which leads to better sports performance.

Diglycine increases the content of glycogen, creatine phosphate, phospholipids and total lipids in cardiac and skeletal muscle. It also increases tolerance to hypoxia and improves circulation, it is indicated for cardiopulmonary failure and poor circulation.

Diglycine injection acts as a key element in the biological pathway that maximizes the amount of energy produced per oxygen molecule consumed.

It acts as an antioxidant, protecting cells from damage caused by free radicals (the waste products of energy production) and helps improve the immune response (therefore acting as an anti-stress nutrient).

It transports oxygen for the production of ATP in muscle tissue.

Diglycine supplementation has a number of benefits for athletic animals: increased energy supply, increased oxygen utilization, and decreased lactic acid accumulation in muscle tissue.

Route Of Administration And Dosage:

Equines: administer 15 mL per day by intravenous injection for 3 consecutive days before the event and/or according to the therapeutic criteria of the Veterinarian.

Target species:



Bottle per 100ml


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