Tranquinervin 20ml



Tranquinervin 10mg/ml Solution for Injection is indicated for anesthetic premedication, tranquilisation and sedation in horses. Tranquinervin, which contains 10 mg/ml acepromazine, is indicated for anesthetic premedication, tranquilisation and sedation.

Anaesthetic Premedication:

Following acepromazine administration, the amount of anaesthetic necessary to induce anaesthesia is considerably reduced.

Tranquilisation: Acepromazine tranquilisation (ataraxy) involves a modification of temperament which is not associated with hypnosis, narcosis or marked sedation. This is achieved with low doses of acepromazine. At low doses, acepromazine reduces anxiety which is beneficial for use in horses prior to shoeing or transportation.

Sedation: At higher dose rates acepromazine is an effective sedative, as an adjunct to, or replacement for, physical restraint e.g. dentistry, handling and shoeing. The relaxant effects aid examination of the penis in horses and the treatment of tetanus and choke.



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