Glucosamine 200 Injection 100ml



Glucosamine 200 Injection helps treat treat equine arthritis, osteoarthritis is a common condition in horses mostly responsible for lameness. It is a disease of joints with multiple causes that lead to progressive destruction and degradation of articular cartilage, the fragile layer of connective tissues lining the ends of the long bones.

Healthy cartilage is essential for the overall functioning of the body, as it produces a slippery surface that contributes to the free movement of the joint. Pastern, fetlock, coffin, and knee are some of the joints most commonly affected by arthritis, which can result in acute inflammation. These changes severely hamper soundness and mobility. Some of the common causes include:

  • Physical injury
  • Excessive and repetitive force on a joint may tear down the supporting tissue
  • Bacterial infection
  • Poor musculature that places additional pressure on joints

Early diagnosis is vital to stop further damage. Many cases of inflammation and joint pain can be successfully treated with a combination of rest and medications like Glucosamine 200 injection for sale. It is a synthetic form of a natural body compound that supplements the fluid in your knee to help cushion and lubricate the joints, providing knee pain relief for at least six months. Before you buy a Glucosamine 200 injection, make sure to consult with your veterinarian regarding the dosage. It is usually administered by an expert trained in knee osteoarthritis treatment.

Buy a Glucosamine 200 injection for guaranteed results

Do you notice a slight stiffness in your horse? Is your top-performer not performing at its best? Before the discomfort turns into a chronic condition, it is crucial to take up the treatment course. We bring you the highest quality of Glucosamine 200 injection for sale with quick results on offer.  We know it is challenging to repair damaged cartilage, and therefore we encourage our customers to take action at the first sign of trouble. There is no 100% cure available, but the condition can be kept in control.  With our top-notch products, you can see the difference within a few days.


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