Meditin 1%, 10ml



Meditin is prescribed to sports horses, dogs and cats for sedation and analgesia during surgical operations, various types of clinical studies, as well as before injection and (or) inhalation anesthesia. Meditin belongs to the α2-agonist group of drugs. Medetomidine – the active ingredient Meditin – refers to α2-adrenergic receptor stimulants, the mechanism of action of which is to inhibit the transmission of nerve impulses due to competition with norepinephrine. It causes depression of the central nervous system and an increase in pain threshold. The action of medetomidine is dose-dependent: small doses have a moderate sedative effect without analgesia, while large doses cause a significant sedative and analgesic effect.

The drug has a faster effect when administered intravenously, slower – with intramuscular and subcutaneous. After intramuscular administration, the maximum concentration of medetomidine in the blood is reached after 15-30 minutes. Medetomidine is rapidly distributed in the body. Serum protein binding is 85 – 90%.

Medetomidine is oxidized in the liver, a small part is methylated in the kidneys. Most of the metabolites of the drug are excreted in the urine. The half-life is 1 – 2 hours. It is forbidden to use the drug in animals with increased individual sensitivity to the components of the drug, severe cardiovascular diseases and diseases of the respiratory system, impaired liver or kidney function, damage to the gastrointestinal tract (gastric volvulus, infringement of organs, obstruction of the esophagus), diabetes mellitus, increased intraocular pressure.


As an active ingredient, the drug contains medetomidine hydrochloride 10.0 mg / ml, as well as excipients: sodium chloride, benzyl alcohol and water for injection.

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Recommendations for use

administered to sports horses intravenously. If necessary, the drug can be re-administered 10-15 minutes after the first injection. To achieve sedative and analgesic effects, Meditin 1% is used in horses at a dose of 0.02 – 0.12 ml / 100 kg of body weight. Doses of the drug vary depending on the desired effect, individual characteristics and breed of the animal. In horses, the drug is administered intravenously slowly (1 ml per minute).

It is recommended to use 2 sterile needles: one for filling the syringe, the other for direct injection. As soon as the required dose of the drug is drawn into the syringe, it is disconnected from the needle in the vial. An injection needle is inserted into the animal, and then a syringe with the drug is connected to it. Feeding of animals should be stopped 12 hours before the use of Meditin.


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