Swiss Xplorer Heiniger



The Swiss Xplorer Heiniger is the most powerful cordless clipper in the market.  It has the power of a mains clipper, with the convenience of a cordless clipper.  It also has a brand new ‘adaptive tensioning system’ which means it has never been easier to tension a full size clipper. This equipment is used exclusively for shearing cattle and horses


The Swiss Xplorer Heiniger Has:

– 2 speeds, of 2500rpm (the same as the original Xplorer clipper) and 2900rpm (the same as a mains clipper)

– It is lighter (only 975g) and quieter than the original Xplorer (which up to this point had been the quietest cordless clipper in the market)

– It is slightly lighter than the original Xplorer

– It is ergonomically designed and well balanced to use

– An ‘adaptive tensioning system’ which means the clipper has quarter turn tensioning and a colour guide on the tension button to let you know when you are within the right tension zone.

– A battery indicator to let you know how much charge you have left.


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