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SS 250 is a product specially designed for racing, has no other purpose. It is designed to generate greater circulation of oxygene, enhance breathing, increase muscle performance and exercise capacity. Amplifies the threshold of pain and tolerance of the animal elevating the performance speed, and start explosion.
It`s not advisable to use races of more than 8km, because the animal does not perceive the pain threshold naturally and can be injured due to lack of fatigue or appropriate nervous stimulation when perceiving the pain due to fatigue.
Is very similar to the SS80“, but this is more specific to gain speed after the start, while ss250 is more balanced in excitation to long-term. The two can be used simultaneously (reducing the dose of both) and obtaining a more complete function.


It`s a cocktail of vitamins, exciting amines, ITTP, Inositol, caproic acid and a synthetic amino-stimulant derivative modified that is not detected in race, Its formula is reserved, we simply know the main assets


15 ml vial

How to use it

– Some trainers use it for training, but it´s a little recommended practice.. suggested to only use it for race, not for training.
Some tips to use are:
– Don´t use it continuously
– don´t use it more than 2 times per week.
– Continuous use is not recommended under any circumstances.
– Rest after 6 uses,  rest for at least 10 days, (although it ´s advisable 2 weeks)
– It´s a powerful product , is not good to generate habituation in the animal.
– It´s designed for horses and camels, although they have been tested in small race animals (dogs and falcons)
– It´s not advisable to abuse the dose
– Hepatic, gastric protection should be given
– The maximum action of the product occurs at 4 hours after being injected intravenously (or about 5 hours intramuscularly),
– It´s not advisable to use races of more than 8km

Dose Horse and Camel :

Horse: 4 ml IV 4hs before the race (or 4 ml IM 5 hs before the race)

Camel: 3 ml IV 4hs before the race (or 3.5 ml IM 5 hs before the race)

Dog: 0.01ml to 0.05 ml each Kg of live weight

If used together with SS80, the day of use should lower the dose in half ( race day).

Dose – Falcon/ Hawks: 

Dilute 0.5ml of  SS250(measured with a precision insulin needle) into a 10ml sterile water bottle with hermetically sealed (consult us if you need hermetically sealed bottled water).

The bottle obtained, will have approximately 0,0.5 ml of SS250/ ml water, Keep the bottle cold, (do not freeze).

a) The dose for small falcons is 0.1 ml of water preparation (measurement with insulin needle).

b) The dose for big falcons is 0.2 ml of water preparation (measurement with insulin needle).


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