Cute Puppy Dog Racing

Cute Puppy Dog Racing Sim 2017

Hey ever wondered if your puppy dog is fast enough to compete with other dogs, lets find out with our highly skilled and competitive cute dog racing.

Cute Puppy Dog Racing is a race simulation game where you will have to make the dog run faster and at the end of every race you will win points which will help you to unlock new fastest dog to win this amazing dog racing challenge.

Join the world of unusual racing! If you love pony horse racing like derby, you should love the dog racing too! These mounts are waiting for race – and it’s not ordinary horses, it is dogs!

Race for supremacy and reach the finishing line beat other dogs; and become champion in dog racing simulator. It is easy, thrilling and highly addictive game!

It game has visual 3D graphics, amazing dogs , realistic physics and breathtaking racing animation.

Install now (Free) and enjoy your hours of time with it fun game-play.


* Cute dog racing tracks, these tracks are specially designed for dog race
* Attractive 3D environment, where people watch this on going dog race.
* Interactive GUI, one of the best
* Latest AI, Dogs AI is one of best against which you have to compete.
* Cute and Smart dogs

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