Hydrogel Butt Injections UK

Hydrogel injections are suddenly getting a lot of hype. But are Hydrogel Injections Legal? You see ads for the HGel kits that you can purchase online and injection procedures that are touted on Facebook, Twitter, craigslist and in other venues.

Many people are trying them out to get a bigger butt without doing the work of exercise and proper diet. But, are these things even legal? And, more importantly, are they safe? Read on to learn about this procedure and the reasons you should avoid it.

Hydrogel Butt Injections UK



Hydrogel is liquid silicone. This is the same thing that is in silicone breast implants. However, instead of being encased in an implant, the liquid is injected directly into your butt. Direct injections can lead to infections, allergic reactions and worse.

If liquid silicone doesn’t sound dangerous enough, there are people doing butt injections using even scarier materials. In one Miami case, the practitioner, a nurse, was using a toxic cocktail of super glue, silicone, rubber cement and Fix-a-Flat.


In a word, no. The FDA has not approved Hydrogel injections because of the safety issues involved. The only approved medical use of injectable liquid silicone is for holding on detached retinas. If you see someone advertising that they are licensed to do the procedure, they are lying. While some doctors have used it off label as a cosmetic filler, the procedure is highly criticized.

Liquid silicone is not well tolerated by many people, and can cause serious reactions. In many cases, it leads to swelling, inflammation and distortions in the area where it is injected. In some severe cases, injections can result in death.

Hydrogel Butt Injections UK

A number of people who have performed Hydrogel butt injections have been arrested for it. Many are charged with practicing medicine without a license. In others, they have seriously injured or even killed their clients and are then tried for manslaughter.


Hydrogel Butt Injections UK

crazy doctor doing a butt injection

Over the summer, a doctor who was providing Hydrogelinjections off the books was arrested after a patient died. In many cases, however, the people doing the injections have no medical training whatsoever. Last year in Texas, two women were arrested for running an illegal butt injection service and leaving one client dead from a negative reaction.

The women turned out to have no medical credentials and long criminal histories that included robbery, prostitution and assault. In their arrest affidavit, a past client described a butt injection procedure that was performed in the back room of a business.

There was no sterilization, and the syringes used for the injection were refilled over and over without being removed. The patient was given cotton balls and super glue to close the wound.


The only process approved by the FDA is the Brazilian Butt Lift. In this procedure, fat from other parts of your body is extracted using liposuction. Then, it is put back in through a booty injection. The procedure is available from licensed plastic surgeons and can cost $5000 or more. It can be done under local or general anesthesia. Soreness and bruising usually last around three weeks.

The promised quick results and the relative affordability of Hydrogel have swayed many people toward the procedure. But, the risks and illegality make it a bad idea for anyone who values their health and safety. We recommend giving this one a pass.