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Camel Racing Australia

Australian Camels

You DID read that correctly.

 We’re here to tell you about Australia’s feral camels.

 Back in the 1800s, camels were imported into Australia from Arabia, India and Afghanistan to help explore the vast Australian Outback; and later, take supplies to people who lived there. Most of the camels are dromedaries (one hump).

 But there were a few Bactrian.  (two humps)   When motor vehicles and trains came on the scene, the camels–about a thousand or so–were released into the wild.They flourished and the current population is around the million mark and cause major problems for land owners.(However, we’re not going to discuss that here.) In 1970, two mates in a pub–this seems to be a pattern here in Oz–made a bet as to whose camel would win a race.And since then, there is an annual Camel Race in Alice Springs–in the red centre of the continent.Tomorrow, July 13th will be the annual Lasseter’s Cup Camel Race.It’s a fundraiser for the town and there are lots of family events, besides the camel races. 

 Racing camels are brought from all over and though this start looks fairly organised, no one knows exactly what the camels will do!

Some refuse to move, some run and stop, some turn around…But that’s part of the fun!Maybe one of these years we’ll go.