Flunidin 100ml



Flunidin – Lapisa is an Analgesic, antipyretic and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (Flunixin meglumine).


Cattle: In cattle, FLUNIDIN is indicated for the control of acute inflammatory processes associated with expiratory diseases such as the bovine respiratory complex (shipping fever). Due to its antiendotoxic and antipyretic action, it is also indicated in septicemia, acute coliform mastitis, as well as in the downed cow syndrome, and other inflammatory processes. In any case, the root cause of the inflammation must be determined and treated concomitantly (eg, by antibiotic therapy).

Pigs: In pigs, FLUNIDIN is indicated as an adjunct therapy for Mastitis, Metritis, Agalactia (MMA) syndrome, and in lactation failure in females caused by various inflammatory processes. Likewise as antipyretic in general.

Horses: In horses, FLUNIDIN is indicated for the relief of inflammation and pain associated with musculoskeletal disorders caused by unusual exercise (equine paralytic myoglobinuria, azoturia, Mondays disease, stiff horses). It is also indicated for the relief of abdominal pain (colic).

The use of FLUNIDIN should be reserved for cases of colic that have been definitively diagnosed, otherwise the powerful analgesic effect may mask the deterioration of the general conditions of the animal, which could lead the clinician to a false sense of security.

100ml – bottle
250ml- bottle

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