Horse Blankets for the Winter Season

It’s horse blanket season! With the cold weather here, you may be looking for a horse turnout to keep your horse warm and protected this winter. With so many choices on the market, it can be hard to choose which horse blankets or turnouts are best for your horse. Thankfully, Jeffers’ Equine Specialist, Kim, has faced the same dilemmas and has put together a list of options to help you choose the right blanket for your horse.

The blankets in this list are in no particular order, and all of the blankets are both waterproof and breathable. Whether you are looking for a blanket for horses with high withers, blankets with the ultimate amount of protection, or the best bang for your buck, this list covers them all. From Kim’s very own designs to best sellers and low-cost solutions, there is sure to be a great blanket to choose from no matter your budget or what weather type you may be facing.

Continue reading for an exclusive look into Kim’s top ten picks for the best horse blankets for the winter season.

Best Horse Blankets for Winter

1) Premium Blanket at an Affordable Price

Jeffers Supreme Plus Navy Medium Weight Horse Blanket

Jeffers Supreme Plus Horse Blanket offers all the things you need at an affordable price. This medium weight turnout is a fan favorite because it has the features and premium quality found in blankets that cost 4x more. It features a unique “T” front buckle closure, an extended chest flap and skirt, and three adjustable velcro surcingle straps to keep the blanket secure on your horse while preventing drafts and gaps. It has a 1680 denier outer and 240 grams of polyfill. This design combines black or navy with silver trim for a sleek, clean look. Plus, there’s a matching neck rug!

2) All the Features without the High Price

Loveson Navy Blue Heavy Weight Horse Blanket

The Loveson Horse Blanket is an excellent choice because it has a lot to offer at a great price point. Available in medium or heavy weight, each blanket comes with a matching, detachable neck rug for added warmth and protection. This beautiful blanket comes in navy and features either royal blue (medium weight) or contrasting orange (heavy weight) trim. It features a shoulder gusset so your horse will stay comfortable while moving and grazing. This blanket has a 600 denier outer and is available in either 350 or 200 grams of polyfill. So, you can choose which blanket is best to keep your horse nice and cozy, or you can buy both to stay prepared for whatever the winter weather brings.

3) Stylish and Functional Bestselling Blanket

Jeffers Economy Plus Turnout Blanket is as stunning as it is functional. This beautiful blue plaid blanket has a 1200 denier outer with 240 grams of polyfill. It has been a bestseller for many years because of its timeless design, exceptional quality and protection, and its low price. This turnout features an adjustable buckle front chest closure, crisscross surcingles, shoulder gussets for freedom of movement, and a tail flap. Affordable and gorgeous, this medium weight blanket is well-loved by those who are looking for a quality blanket at a great price.

4) Good for the Environment and Your Horse

The WeatherBeeta Green-Tec Detach-A-Neck Blanket is created using recycled fabric which saves over 340 plastic bottles from going into landfills. They are also made using 50% less energy. This blanket is available in both medium and heavy weight. It has a 900 denier outer and is available with 220 or 360 grams of polyfill. It features two crisscross surcingles, a matching, detachable neck rug, and removable and adjustable leg straps. This blanket is black with teal trim for a sleek and beautiful look that gives back.

5) Best Horse Blanket for Winter on a Budget

Jeffers Economy Turnout Blanket is Jeffers #1 Selling turnout. It is a go-to for horse owners who are on a budget or for those who need to replace multiple horse blankets each winter. This medium weight blanket features adjustable front chest closures with snaps and adjustable crisscross surcingles. This blanket has a 600 denier outer and 240 grams of polyfill. Its price can’t be beat, and you can choose from multiple eye-catching patterns!

6) Integrated Hood for Maximum Protection

The Amigo Bravo 12 All-in-One Horse Blanket has an all-in-one design that is both comfortable and will stay in place. This heavy weight turnout features an integrated hood and three belly surcingles to keep the blanket secure and free of drafts. With this blanket, and you won’t have to worry about leaks or the hood coming unattached. This beautiful turnout is navy with an electric blue trim that will have your horse looking great and feeling warm.

7) One-of-a-Kind Design Horse Blanket

Jeffers “Bloomin’ Toolin’” Horse Blanket features a one-of-a-kind sunflower and tooling pattern that you won’t find anywhere but at Jeffers! It is designed with the beautiful colors and features of the tooling found in tack. This medium weight blanket has a 600 denier outer and 240 grams of polyfill. It features detachable crisscross belly bands, a generous shoulder gusset, and two adjustable front buckle chest closures. This blanket is both gorgeous and full of features to help your horse stay warm and comfortable during the colder months. Plus, it comes with a complete set of replacement belly bands and leg straps. So, you can use this blanket for multiple seasons to come.

8) Perfect for Horse’s with High Withers

Jeffers Solaris Extended Neck Turnout Blanket features a high neck and is perfect for horses with high withers. It has a 1200 denier outer and is available with 240 or 360 grams of polyfill. This blanket is available in both medium and heavy weight to keep your horse warm and comfortable throughout the winter season. It features detachable crisscross belly bands, shoulder gussets, and an extended neck. The extended neck helps prevent rubbing and keeps your horse’s neck protected from the wind and rain. With its stunning emerald green plaid design, it is the ultimate mixture of style meets functionality. This style of blanket provides more warmth and is a great choice for horses with more prominent withers. Plus, it comes with a set of replacement straps!

9) Bestselling Blanket with New Features

Jeffers Economy Plus Turnout Blanket w/ Detachable Neck Rug is new to the Jeffers economy line and features a detachable, matching neck rug. This medium weight blanket has a 1200 denier outer with 240 grams of polyfill. It also features crisscross surcingles and upgraded heavy-duty snaps and adjustable buckles at the chest for added durability and functionality. The classically-styled blanket has a navy and gray body with matching striped trim for a new look with added protection for a great price!

10) Top-Notch Quality with Safety in Mind

Jeffers Romper Stomper Horse Blankets are made to the highest specifications with great features and benefits at a great price. Each blanket is made with a 1680 denier outer, and the comfortable blankets are available in light, medium, and heavy weight. This blanket’s seamless design is perfect for avoiding water build up. It also features detachable crisscross belly bands and hind leg straps for safety. So, if your horse got their leg hung in a strap, they would be more likely to tear than a standard nylon strap. With replacement straps included, this safety feature helps prolong the life of the blanket while also ensuring your horse’s safety. These midnight navy colored blankets feature striking silver trim and details for a sophisticated look and feel.