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10mg/ml solution for Injection
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Sedivet 10mg/ml solution for Injection is an injectable sedative, used to enable examination or handling of difficult horses or minor surgical procedures.

If used with a synthetic opiate, such as butorphanol, profound sedation/analgesia can be provided.

After it has been given intravenously, initial sedation occurs in 1-2 minutes, with maximum sedation being achieved after 5-10 minutes.

It can also be used as a pre-medication, prior to general anesthesia.

This product requires a prescription from your vet & will only be dispatched once we receive this prescription.

Legal Category- POM-V

Warnings & Contraindications

Defensive movements, including kicking, may occur even in animals that appear to be well sedated. Intravenous administration of potentiated sulphonamides (TMPS) should not be undertaken if the horse has been sedated with Sedivet. If self-injection occurs or oral ingestion, consult your doctor immediately.

Pregnanacy & Lactation 

Consult with your vet; do not use in the last month of pregnancy.

For further product information please click on the link below. This will take you to the Veterinary medicines directorate (VMD) website where you can search for the product and see the most up to date Summary of product characteristics (SPC).


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