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Tylogent Antibiotics

Tylogent reinforced is recommended against Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria, to combat chronic respiratory diseases and other infections caused by mycoplasma, it fights diseases such as pneumonia, diphtheria, metritis, arthritis caused by mycoplasmas, salmonellosis and some cases of enteritis. REINFORCED TYLOGENT is quickly absorbed and easily distributed into tissues. The combination of the antibiotics that make up the formula enhances the effects of these and is administered in a smaller volume and for less time. It also contains dipyrone, which is an anti-inflammatory and antipyretic that allows better absorption of the active principles.

Active ingredient:

Tylosin tartrate; Gentamicin sulfate; Sodium dipyrone ..

This product provides a synergistic antibiotic and analgesic effect with excellent response. Due to its concentration, less volume and fewer applications are administered. Each ml contains 200 mg. Tylosin, 80 mg. Of Gentamicin and 250 mg of Dipyrone.

20ml bottle
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