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Foliphos Injection is an Injectable phosphorus, folic acid and vitamin B12 supplement for cats, dogs and horses. Its also a pain supplement for horses, camels, horses, cats and dogs at large

Composition:  Butaphosphan 100 mg/mL, folic acid 2 mg/mL, hydroxocobalamin acetate 0.05 mg/mL.
Description:  Injectable phosphorus, folic acid and vitamin B12 supplement for cats, dogs and horses.

 Actions: Phosphorus is essential for cellular energy production. It is a major component of ATP, the energy source for muscles, and of creatine phosphate, the muscle storage form of high-energy phosphates. Phosphorus also acts as a blood and urinary buffer to maintain body pH and is an important structural component of bones.
Folic acid and vitamin B12 are required for DNA synthesis and for red blood cell production. A deficiency of either results in macrocytic normochromic anaemia.

 Indications:  Athletic animals during training, racing or hard competition, to promote muscle energy production and increase muscle efficiency; assist in recovery from hard work, racing or stress, and stimulate and maintain appetite. Skeletal development during growth. Treatment and prevention of macrocytic anaemias.

 Withholding Periods Meat:  Horses: nil.
 Dosage and Administration:  Give by intravenous, intramuscular or subcutaneous injection. Sterile technique and equipment must be used for each injection.
Acutely diseased animals. Cats, small dogs. 0.5 to 2 mL. Large dogs. 0.5 to 5 mL. Horses. 20 mL. Repeat daily if required.
Animals with chronic disease. Half the above dose at intervals of one to two weeks or less.
Healthy animals. Half the above dose. Volumes of more than 20 mL should be split and given at several intravenous or intramuscular sites, or given subcutaneously.

 Presentation Injection:  (multidose vial): 100 mL.

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