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Equimune I.V is a USDA-approved immunotherapeutic used for the treatment of Equine Respiratory Disease Complex (ERDC) of viral origin. Equimune can help minimize lung damage, stimulate the healing process and rapidly return your horse back to normal.

Equimune An immunotherapeutic for the treatment of Equine Respiratory Disease Complex.


  • Helps minimize lung damage
  • Stimulates the healing process
  • Rapidly returns your horse back to normal
  • Safe for use in pregnant mares

Equine Respiratory Disease Complex

Viral diseases are a constant problem facing horses. Most commonly, these are respiratory tract viruses that can cause severe inflammation of and damage to the upper and lower respiratory tracts. There are, however, many other viral diseases that horses are susceptible to and that can cause a wide range of clinical signs and outcomes. In more severe cases, expensive veterinary treatment or even death can result.

Equimune activates antigen presenting cells thereby enhancing the production of Interleukin-1 (IL-1). The IL-1 molecule is one of the body’s natural adjuvants and therefore, nonspecifically amplifies the immune response to antigens. This amplification includes both cell-mediated immunity and humoral antibody responses. Cell-mediated immunity plays a major role in resistance to, and recovery from, viral infection.

When to Use Equimune

Optimum treatment timing is at the onset of disease during the early acute period. Treatment at this time boosts the early immune response, allowing less time for the invading organism to become established and cause significant cellular damage.


Eighty-five percent (85%) of horses treated with Equimune returned to normal within seven days. In contrast, only 35% of those treated with placebo or conventional therapies recovered within the same period of time.*


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