Semintra 35ml




10mg/ml Oral Solution For Cats


Semintra 10mg/ml Oral Solution is indicated for the treatment of systemic hypertension (increased blood pressure) in cats. Semintra 10mg/ml Oral Solution can be administered once daily directly into the mouth or mixed with a small amount of food.

Semintra  Oral Use

The initial recommended dose is 2 mg telmisartan/kg body weight (0.2 ml/kg body weight).
After 4 weeks, the dosage of telmisartan may be reduced in cats with systolic blood pressure (SBP) of less than 140 mmHg (in 0.5 mg/kg increments) at the discretion of the veterinarian.

If the SBP increases over the course of the disease the daily dose may be increased again up to 2 mg/kg. The target SBP range is between 120 and 140 mmHg. If SBP is below the target or if there are concurrent signs of hypotension, please refer to ‘Special Precautions for Use’.

The dosing regimen for hypertensive cats with concomitant chronic kidney disease is as described above except that for these cats the recommended minimum effective dose is 1 mg/kg.

The product is to be administered once daily directly into the mouth or with a small amount of food. Semintra is an oral solution and is well accepted by most cats.

The solution should be given using the measuring syringe provided in the package. The syringe fits onto the bottle and has a ml scale.

After administration of the veterinary medicinal product close the bottle tightly with the cap, wash the measuring syringe with water and let it dry.

To avoid contamination, use the provided syringe only to administer Semintra.

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