Davemed 50ml



Each ml;
Contains 3 mg Dexamethasone (4 mg Dexamethasone sodium phosphate)


Davemed is used alone or as a supplement in the treatment of intermediary metabolic diseases in general and inflammatory, rheumatic, toxic, allergic and anaphylactic diseases that develop due to various factors in cattle, horses, dogs and cats.

Systemically;  It is used in the treatment of inflammatory, rheumatic, toxic, allergic and anaphylactic diseases. For gluconeogenetic purposes in the treatment of nutritional ketosis, pregnancy toxemia and tetany in ruminants, for supportive treatment in cases of acute mastitis, metritis, agalaxy, traumatic gastritis, pyelonephritis and septic endotoxic shock, peracute and in acute infectious diseases;

As an inflammation and exudation reducer and shock preventer in cases of hypersensitivity reactions, anaphylactic and toxic shock, acute interstitial emphysema and edema, bronchial asthma, acute interstitial vgmera emphysema in cattle; It is used in the treatment of poisonous animal bites, drug and toxic substance allergies, circulatory collapse and shock. As an immunosuppressive in autoimmune diseases in dogs, as a therapeutic and supportive treatment for allergic skin diseases, ulticaria, pruritus, eczema, otitis externa, as an antiallergic and anti-inflammatory in the treatment of acute furuncle in horses, antirheumatic, antiphlogistic,

Locally, It is used as a local inflammation, exudation and granulation reducer in non-infectious tendinitis, muscle traumas, tendovaginitis, synovitis, arthritis, periarthritis, osteoarthritis, arthrosis, luxation, distortion and eye diseases.

Usage and Dosage:

Intramuscularly, intravenously and subcutaneously in cattle, horses, dogs and cats; It is also applied intra-articularly to provide local effect.

Practical Dose:
Cattle: 1.5 – 5 ml (maximum 10 ml)
: 0.5 -1.3 ml
Calf and heifer: 0.5 – 2 ml
Sheep and goat: 0.5 – 1 ml
Dog: 0 .1 – 0.25 ml
Cat: 0.1 ml

Warnings About Drug Residues in Food:

Drug Residue Withdrawal Period (DRA): In cattle;
For meat: 21 days
For milk: 3 days (6 milkings)

Storage Conditions and Shelf Life:

Stored at room temperature (15-25 °C) protected from light.
Shelf life is 2 years from the date of production.

Commercial Presentation:

It is offered for sale in 20 ml, 50 ml and 100 ml honey-coloured vials in a cardboard box.


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