Calvenza 03 EIV/EHV




10 doses /20ml


Calvenza 03 EIV/EHV aslso known as Equine Rhinopneumonitis-Influenza Vaccine provides your horse protection against Equine Rhinopneumonitis and Influenza. The vaccine stimulates antibodies to EHV-1 and EVH-4 diseases with a minimal vaccine site reaction. Calvenza 08 EIV/EHV is made with a carbimmune adjuvant.


  • Provides protection against Equine Rhinopneumonitis and Influenza
  • Stimulates production of EHV-1 and EVH-4 antibodies
  • Carbimmune adjuvant
  • Usable in pregnant mares
  • Only for horses 6 months or older


  • We are unable to ship this product to Canada because it requires a prescription and no prescriptions drugs are approved for sending internationally.


  • Intended for healthy horses older than 6 months who are susceptible to these diseases
  • Using sterile injection technique, give one 2mL dose intramuscularly
  • Give a second dose intramuscularly 3-4 weeks later
  • Give a third dose intramuscularly 3-4 weeks after that
  • Always consult your veterinarian before administering


Follow instructions carefully. DO NOT FREEZE. Shake well before use. Store away from light at 35-45 degrees. Do not vaccinate within 21 days before slaughter.

Tips: These vaccines must be shipped refrigerated. We cannot ship refrigerated items over the weekend, so make sure you order on Wednesday or earlier if you need them before the next week!


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