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Buy Time Fast 50ml Online Time Fast is a fast dexamethasone (sodium phosphate) with vitamin B6 and B1 and other energizing additives.
A good choice for camels, to apply close to the competition and with very desired effects on the race circuit.

Each 100 ml contains:

Dexamethasone sodium phosphate 200mg
vit. B12, 50,000ug
Vit B, 100 mg
DL-N-Acetyl-Homocysteine-Thiolactone, 500mg
L-Magnesium Bi-Aspartate, 25mg
DN-Carnitine, 100 mg
Excipients 100ml


Must be dosed according to veterinary criteria as a 0.2% dexamethasone sodium phosphate

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Race Dosage :

Horse: Use 5 days, 5 ml / day  (IM o IV),
Camel: Use 3 days, 5 ml / day  (IM o IV),

use it up to 24 hours before the race.
**in Qatar, use up to 48 hours before the race.

Maximums dose:
Horse: 10 ml / day, IV
camel: 7 ml / day, IV
Don´t exceed 5 days in a row, whatever the dose

Minimum dose:
Horse: 2 ml / day, IM
camel: 1 ml / day, IM
minimum dose 1 application


Glass vial of 50ml and bottle.


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