Botcho Cream Can Make Your Butt Bigger?

Botcho Cream Can Make Your Butt Bigger? (The Truth)

You’ve probably heard quite a bit about this new “magic cream” from West Africa called Botcho cream. Maybe it even brings to mind memories of the Egyptian Magic Cream hype a few years ago, and you remember shelling out big bucks for a product that was essentially glorified Vaseline mixed with honey.

While magical maybe, this new cream is called Botcho cream. Fun fact: Botcho is not an ingredient. It’s just a name for a woman’s derriere! At least, that’s what a big you-know-what is called on the Ivory Coasts of West Africa.

The name, and the cream, grew in popularity thanks to based gods Eloh DJ and DJ Mix’s Bobaraba, or big bottom, dance. As such, Botcho cream can also be called Bobaraba cream.

So you’re probably asking yourself what is Botcho cream, since you’ve probably never heard of it. Well, there isn’t just one Botcho cream, but many of them. The original was created by Dr. Zoh, who actually isn’t a doctor according to some research that i did.

However, he did devote himself to the noble cause of making woman’s bottoms bigger despite not ever attending higher education: making an all-natural booty cream made with natural ingredients derived from plants and honey.

Dr. Zoh contrived up the cream after hearing about how his fellow African sisters wanted curvier figures. He mixed the ingredients himself, using ingredients from his grandparents countryside, and recommends applying it twice daily. Apparently, it works right away.

Still not sure what this cream is, or what’s inside of it? Well, me neither, but Dr. Zoh boasts that his customers are happy and satisfied with the results (and they are).

So do we recommend it? Well, yes and no (sorry to be so wishy-washy). Until we learn more about the ingredients that compose Botcho cream, we can’t give a recommendation in good faith. But the cream is supposedly made from all-natural ingredients and, if that’s the case, can’t do too much harm to your backside. Maybe.

If you want to try out the products for yourself (and your derriere) we found a few places that seemed to be trustworthy.


This is a bit more “legit” in fact BotchoPlus is a well-known Botcho product, because *drum roll please* we know what’s in it! The seller of Botcho Plus boasts the product as being an improved version of Dr. Zoh’s original Botcho cream.

If BotchoPlus can be trusted, then that mean Botcho cream is probably just Pueraria Mirifica, which contains plant-based estrogen that wounds the hips and increases fat on the booty. In other words, Botcho Cream is probably fairly safe to use.

The ingredients listed on the website aside from that P-word we can’t pronounce are a blend of herbs and oils from South American And Africa, and Volufiline (yeah, I can’t pronounce that either). Volufiline is a non-hormonal plant-based extract that increases the development of fatty tissue. It has been shown to plump your bottom and make your butt bigger.

Sounds good right? Wrong. See, this is why you do your research folks. Nobody knows where BotchoPlus gets there Pueraria Mirifica (PM), and it’s pretty important to know how this stuff is farmed and where it comes from. If you’re interested in PM, you’re better off skipping the extra additives and getting some high-quality PM from a place you trust. It’s cheaper too and you know it will work.


Alright, so the sellers name is Myam Miam and she doesn’t tell you what the ingredients in her Botcho cream are. However, she is from the Ivory Coast and on her official website is a video where Dr. Zoh talks about Myam Miam. So there’s that.

However, this falls under a buy-at-your-own-risk sort of situation. Myam Miam is selling what at least appears to be the original cream, but at nearly three times the price (it runs anywhere from $60 to $70 a jar, which is not cheap to say the least). Always do your own research before buying anything.
Don’t trust anything on the Internet. Even this.

So What’s My Final Say?

butt program

So what’s the verdict? Botcho creams are a meh from me. They aren’t trustworthy (don’t know what’s in them exactly) and it’s hard to find reputable online sources that sell them.

If you’re extremely desperate to make your butt bigger, follwo my program Combined with a healthy diet, full of vegetables, protein, and fruits, and watch your bottom swell. Or get plastic surgery (no shame, no judgement here) to get a booty like Kim Kardashian, or Nicki Minaj.

Or try making your own DIY version of Botcho cream. Get some PM, an Emu oil, some herbs, and honey and make yourself some booty cream. You’ll know exactly what you’re putting on your backside and you’ll be saving a whole lot of money.

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