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Bio blood builder is available in a 6 pack box of 10ml vials


Bio Blood Builder One of the latest scientific advances and breakthroughs capturing the attention of horse trainers around the world is BLOOD BUILDER, the latest development in the equine industry and is the most potent and safest blood builders available in the world today. It is a specially patented pending sequenced amino acid chain, with a super molecule of B12.  has been developed by our research and development team for several years, it is now being made available for the first time owners and trainers in the equine world.

Amino acids naturally occur within the body, with over 50% of it being made up of amino acids. We have specifically targeted the blood building aminos within the amino acid chain and specially formulated a sequence that is naturally produced within the body. We have discovered a breakthrough molecule that is derived from a unique special filtration process, that is very potent from within the B12 family, which functions to stimulate the production of new red blood cells in combination together it raises Haemoglobin (HGB) and Haematocrit (HCT) levels significantly.

Increasing the amount of red blood cells increases the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood to deliver more oxygen to the exercising muscles during racing or competition.

The extra oxygen significantly increases the muscles’ energy production and can therefore help to improve athletic performance and output ability; higher intensity and longer duration.

This scientific breakthrough has put BIO BLOOD BUILDER as the world’s newest and most potent blood builder on the market today. With illegal blood boosting products on the market that have led to the widespread use of synthetic EPO, Cobalt Chloride, Cobalt Sulphate and Aranesp, etc, which have resulted in a number of positive tests for trainers around the world.

The equine racing industry worldwide has been waiting for a potent all natural blood builder that is safe and carries no banned substances and therefore does nots swab. BIO BLOOD BUILDER now provides the optimum blood building product the racing industry has been searching for, which can be used in full confidence in any discipline around the world.


BIO BLOOD BUILDER is what the equine industry has been searching for, this uniquely formulated potent blood builder sets itself apart from every other builder market today.  is a potent formulated blood builder. It increases athletic performance by creating more red blood cells which then produce more oxygen for the body to uptake during competition.


BIO BLOOD BUILDER is the most potent all natural, drug free and safe for competition and carries no banned substances. BIO uses state of art technology pharmacy grade ingredients to deliver the world’s leading scientifically advanced formulated blood builder available on the market today. BIO  helps increase blood count, performance, appetite and general well being.


BIO BLOOD  has a patented pending specially formulated sequenced chain of selected amino acids. It also has a super Cyanocobalamin molecule derived from a special unique filtration process.


Not only is it made to the purest form it is 100% safe and will not swab GUARANTEED! It is all natural and has no prohibited substances in it. You can be assured that you can use this product with confidence in any discipline anywhere in the world.


Horses in training give 10ml IM weekly and if racing that week 3 days before competition.


BIO BLOOD BUILDER is available in a 6 pack box of 10ml vials, single vial purchases are available.


LDER should be stored in a refrigerator at 4°C. Do not freeze, do not expose to sunlight. Keep out of reach of children.


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