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Domosedan is used in clinical examinations and operations, facilitating them, as it is a sedative and has analgesic properties. Can be used in combination with other analgesics, for example, Butorphanol (Torbudzhestik), in this case, operations and other painful procedures are greatly simplified. You can use the drug Domosedan when using general anesthesia as a sedative.


1 ml of domosedan contains 10 mg of detomidine hydrochloride as an active ingredient.

Recommendations for use

Domosedan is used to facilitate painful operations in horses, to provide a sedative and analgesic effect. Domosedan is administered intramuscularly or intravenously. The first method involves a slower action of the agent, the second – a faster one. The degree of action of the drug depends on the selected dose. If Domosedan is administered intravenously, then it must be administered at a rate of 1 ml / m. After the introduction of the drug and the completion of the necessary procedures and operations, you need to wait until the animal rises to its feet on its own. Otherwise, the coordination of the horse’s movements can be negatively affected.


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